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Yahweh’s House Becomes Beit-Elohim!

July 6, 2009

We believe that names are important.

We have been thinking of calling this house “The House That Yahweh Built”…or something similar in Hebrew. But as we have been thinking about it…this house is so much more than that. Yahweh is literally building this house. Even the workshop materials we did not really pay for…Yahweh did. So, really, it is HIS house! We are merely the tenants/stewards/managers of it. It is His house to be used for His glory and purposes.

Although we believe that Yahweh tells us in His word that His name IS to be spoken, we do not want to needlessly offend the Jewish people who feel that His name is too holy to be uttered at all. We appreciate their caution and do recognize that others may speak the name carelessly…not understanding what the name signifies. So…we decided upon Beit-Elohim.

Elohim is the word Yahweh used for Himself in the very first verse of the bible. It was Elohim who spoke the universe into existence! It was Elohim who created everything!

Beit-Elohim means House of Elohim. This is His house…through and through. It is Beit-Elohim!

For the latest on the progress read here.

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