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Tears & Chills From Yahweh’s Blessings!

July 6, 2009

All three of us just got off our knees from praying, thanking and praising Yahweh for what He is doing!

Today, Dave has been working on getting the permit for our house to be built. The first step was to get the certification from the County Health Department that says our septic is good.

Well, Dave went down to the CHD and there was some kind of snafu with the final paperwork. So, they sent a really guy to come out and look at it. He looked at our meadow and said that it looked fine and that he could see where all the leach lines were laid. This made Dave curious because it is all buried and a lot of the uneven places are somewhat filled in. So, he asked him how he knew where the lines were. They guy said that they had detailed pictures. We have some pictures…but not detailed ones…so Dave asked if we could get copies. He said that he would check on that for us. So, we have the paper to take to the county planner!

Now…for the tears and chills! Yahweh is SOOOOOOOOO good! He has brought us through these last years in this tiny RV. There were times when we were very stretched and we wondered how we were going to get through it, but Yahweh was always faithful. In spite of leaks…in spite of the small quarters…in spite of uncertain employment and income level…He provided. Sometimes that provision just came seemingly “out of the blue”…but He provided.

We have been working on a list of things we need to get this house built. Well, one of them was grading for the foundation pad. We thought we had a possible provider, but then were told that he was now working for someone else and probably not available. Well…this is how Yahweh works.

If there had not been a snafu with the CHD, we would not have had to call the contractor who put the septic in. That contractor is a young man trying to provide for his family. He has helped us and we have helped him. He has always done us right…an upstanding young man.

Well, I had to call him for help to understand what was going on with the CHD. When he and Dave talked after the CHD guy left, he told him about the house that Yahweh is using Craig to get built for us. Dave explained that we knew he could not donate his labor, but asked him to please consider what his best price would be if we cannot find someone to donate it. He told Dave that HE would DONATE it!!! Wow!

My eyes are filled with tears of gratitude as I write this. When Dave shared it with Elias and I, I was just filled with Holy Spirit chills. Everything is coming together…one thing at a time. Our neighbors are donating some material they had salvaged. The homeschool group worked VERY hard to raise money that is now in trust fund for us. Our first withdrawal will be for the permit that we are going to go down and get tomorrow morning! Other bits and pieces of materials have been given to us during our time here, which is part of what contributes to the meadow looking so messy!

We got our lawn tractor up and running and the meadow is getting cleared out and looking nicer. Our creek crossing has been worked on by people in our congregation. Things are turning around for us. Dave is still not fully employed, but I know that…when the time is right…Yahweh has the work for him.

We are SO blessed!

The list of things we need for Yahweh’s house…for it truly is HIS house that He is blessing us with…can be found here. Within that list post, I am also including  the links to other posts regarding the progress of the house. Praise Yahweh! Only HE could pull this off. Many people have wanted to help, but no one could do it alone…not even groups! Yahweh is bringing it all together!

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