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The House That Yahweh Is Building!

June 29, 2009

I have been SO busy lately. Someone is trying to get a house built for us before winter so that we won’t have to do winter number five in this tiny little RV.  I have been working on a floor plan.

On Sunday, a group of us met at a neighbor’s house and we picked a plan. However, then Dave was asked about a garage…not for now…but for in the future. So, we had to turn the plan I most liked around in a different direction. Now I am trying to quickly rearrange it so that he can have his future garage and I can have the visibility I want…where I want it. It has been fun working on the plans, but also very time consuming.

We really don’t have much in the way of resources ourselves. However, Yahweh has been bringing things together. A whole group of home schoolers worked very hard to raise funds to start a trust account for us. A church has worked hard to help us with our creek crossing and some trenching and repair work. Others have offered physical labor and donated materials.

None of these individuals or groups could do it alone, but Yahweh is bringing what they all have to offer together to help us. We are simply amazed and we feel very undeserving. I told my “brother” on the phone the other day that I hate to take away from others who might need it worse than we do…who are worse off. He said, “No offense, sis…but you ARE the worse off ones who really need it.”

We don’t need anything fancy…just plain and simple will do…with room for visiting relatives and gatherings. This will be the “House That Yahweh Built”! There is simply no other way that it could happen! Or that it will happen! We covet all prayers to Abba on our behalf. Oh, how exciting to see how those prayers are answered.

Speaking of answered prayer…our neighbor, Jenny, was praying on a Sunday morning and she suddenly prayed, “Abba, please help me to get Dave and Abigail into a house.” That very morning, she saw a couple she knew (Sally and Craig) at a church gathering. We had met that couple just the previous Friday evening. Although we had swapped stories, we never asked for help.

Well, Sally walked right up to Jenny and told her that she wanted to help Jenny get us a house. The Lord had put it upon her heart to do this. So now we have two couples working with us and Yahweh is using them to pull all the different forms of resources together. We don’t yet have everything we need, but we have people who have faith and who are convinced that Abba has said to move forward, trusting Him to supply.

This is the first time I think that we have actually had any really solid hope for getting out of the RV.  I have always known that Yahweh could do it. That I never doubted. It was more a matter of when…and if. If it is His will for us to stay in it…so be it. It is something I have struggled with over the last few years. I won’t deny that. Yet…I have known that He loves us and that He is working things out to His glory and for our good. My faith has grown in ways that it never would have otherwise.

Yahweh is our provider…Yahweh-Yireh. Praise Yahweh forever! He is faithful and true! If only I could love Him as He deserves to be loved.

For the latest info on progress, read here.


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