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On Another Note!

June 29, 2009

I have been trying to get to my photos so that I can upload more on my Photo Views blog.  I have also been trying to put more up on my Abi’s Thoughts on God blog.  And, of course, I have been trying to write here more often.

It is time consuming if I put up photos or videos. I have to sort through the photos, pick the ones I want, export them, upload them. With videos it is even worse. With blogspot I was able to just upload the videos directly into my blog. Well, you can do that with WordPress, too, IF you pay for an upgrade. Sooooo, I have to upload my own videos to Youtube first. Then I have to use Vodpod to capture them and load them into a post. Yes…it is a pain in the you know what…but hey…it keeps my blog free! Plus, people on Youtube can watch them, too…if they want.

We got the second six of 12 Cornish Rock hens. Ugh! Never again! It was worth getting these, but they are bred specifically for meat. They are little eating machines that get really big really fast…and then you eat them. Now, I have no problem with eating them, but these chickens are bred in such a way that they actually look kind of misshapen to me. Plus they are so dumb!! We have been told that they are useless for anything but eating…that they are too dumb to even mate. I don’t know…but I like our Rhode Island Reds.

Elias let the Cornish Rocks out, but they went for the garden. How unmannerly. The Rhodes did not do that. Well, he was trying to shoo them away and they were so ill-mannered, paying no attention to him. So, he threw a small gardening trowel at them and hit one right on the neck. Yep…he killed it. We were not too happy about that. Dave was planning on butchering one tomorrow…but not this evening. Plus, he would have chosen one of the roosters since they were not getting along all that great. Not to mention that this hen was still pretty small. What a waste.

Well, the two of them processed the thing and it is currently in our roaster in the refrigerator. Tomorrow, I am going to roast it. It will be the first time, that I know of, that I have eaten chicken that fresh. Dave just skins the whole thing so as to not have to mess with feathers. This will be interesting. I actually handled watching some of the process…this time. No guarantees next time.

From our little RV on the hillside to you wherever you are…I hope that you are aware of your many blessings. There are always people out there with less than you have. Remember that…and remember to thank the Creator who has blessed you with what you do have!

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