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Life on the Homestead…or…the Chicken Raid

June 26, 2009

I forgot to publish this on the 22nd…

We have been letting our Rhode Island Reds out of the pen during the day the last few days. They are more than happy  to go back in at night. Our desire is to have free range chickens and well…if they can go out during the day, we won’t have to move the pen as often.

Today was horrible. Elias had let them out, like normal. He has fun with them. They follow him around and he follows them. Later, he went down to check on them. We found six of them dead. Not eaten…just attacked and killed. Grrrrrrrr!!!!! We did not see any others. They were pretty scattered across the meadow. One was actually in the creek by the crossing. Needless to say, Elias was in tears and I was not far behind…especially seeing how upset he was. He has put a lot of work into those chicks and we have been so proud of him.

We walked up the road a piece, but did not see anything more. So, we went back in to get some gloves and a garbage bad and do a body count. Elias went ahead of me. Suddenly, I heard him yelling about there being chickens…alive! I ran back out and we went down and penned up the six that were walking around the pen trying to get back in!

As it turns out, on his way back down, he had prayed to Jesus for there to please be at least just one chicken left. Well, there were six of them! Apparently, they had hidden themselves in the brush and unmowed portion of the meadow. Two more ended up coming in. So, we have eight out of fourteen. Elias immediately started thanking Yeshua/Jesus for the surviving chickens.

It is still a big loss, but it could be worse. Both roosters survived. One was going to go in the pot since two roosters can tend to fight, but now he wants us to find a way to keep both. I don’t know if that will work or not.

We need to get a dog to protect the chickens, but we can’t get a dog until we have something bigger than an RV to live in. So, for now, in the pen they will have to stay.


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