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A Home & a Home!

June 16, 2009

Today, Elias chased a mouse back into its home. Apparently, it lives beneath the padding for my swing. The swing is not built, so the padding lays flat on the ground. He wanted me to help him catch it. We carefully lifted the padding and the mouse did run out, but I was not ready to try stepping on it, so it got away.

There is another home that is coming. We met a couple at a gathering awhile back. We just chatted with them and swapped stories. Well, the Lord has put it on their hearts to do what they can to get us out of this RV before winter. He is working on getting a house built for us.

We are amazed at what Yahweh is doing. I guess it is finally His timing. This man is fairly well connected in this area and has a heart for the Lord and for helping people.

Dave has checked out our workshop materials and it looks like the bulk of them are still good, in spite of being out in the weather for over three years. We had two (?) windows stacked. He found that a tree had fallen on them. There is some glass on the ground, but he cannot tell if they are completely broken or if the frames are at least still usable.

A neighbor has some material they scavenged some time ago from a building that was being torn down. They were hoping to add a room onto their home, but realize that is probably just not going to happen. So, they are donating the materials to us.

Our home school group did fundraisers last year to try and get us into a used trailer. While they were not able to raise enough for that, what they did raise will help us a LOT!

Add to that the fact that our church has been helping with our creek crossing. Our church also has quite a variety of people who go there and is also pretty connected.

We are blessed that so many people care so much! Yahweh is good.

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