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An Update & Assorted Thoughts!

May 26, 2009

The weather here has been hot and humid. I would say that spring is unofficially gone, even if not officially gone. This year is the first year since we have been here that we actually had some semblance of a real spring…and it was wonderful!! While it lasted. Previously, it just went from freezing cold to blazing hot. This year we had some weeks of cool weather and sunshine. Just lovely!

Autumn has not been much better. It has been basically the same thing in reverse. Although, this last year was also much better than the previous Autumns. The colors were more vibrant and varied and they seemed to hang on longer. The weather also seemed to transition more from the hot to the cooler, unlike previously where it pretty much just seemed to jump from hot to cold.

This morning, as I sat on my couch reading the Word, I looked through the door and saw a hummingbird flying under our awning. It was only there for a few brief moments, but I really enjoyed spotting it. I am amazed at how many hummingbirds there actually are around here. It is not like we have a feeder or anything. I wonder if they like the wild roses that grow around here…like the ones Elias brought me for my vase.

The guys went on an over nighter last weekend. A home schooling friend set it up for fathers and sons to go spend the night at his parents’ property. Some of them did paintball. Some went fishing. Elias caught a fish…all on his own! (Pics will have to follow as I don’t have them off Dave’s camera…yet.) The weather was hot and muggy, but they all had a good time. Oh, Elias ate the fish he caught! Dave showed him how to clean it.

We have company coming this weekend. Our middle son and his precious wife are flying out to spend a few days on their way to visit her family who live north of us. They were married one year yesterday! (Gosh…has it really been that long since we flew out there for a Renaissance wedding?) We are so looking forward to them coming, but sure do wish we had room for them to stay here with us. They are going to have to stay at a hotel in the next town.

This means that we are working very hard on cleanup around here. Between the wind, critters, lack of time, the weather, being overwhelmed, etc., the place looks like…well, as one person who recently saw it described it…”an Alaskan mining camp”. Actually, I think he was being very polite!

We have been working on it, along with Dave trying to get the meadow mowed, the chicken coop built, the garden going, etc. I think it looks like part construction zone and part…well, just plain mess? We have wood from pallets, insulation (both whole sheets and pieces and rolls), bins with assorted things in them, a saw on a stand. You name it…we got it! I think it looks like a tornado hit. Well, that IS a bit of an exaggeration. Let’s just say we need to keep working on cleanup.

That is one good thing about Dave being laid off. It does give him more time to do work around here…in between the rain storms. Yesterday, it rained almost all day, so he took the lawnmower to be fixed and picked up a few things from the store.

I finally got a cake made yesterday, too. It was for my birthday and our anniversary (last month) and for Dave’s birthday (this month). It was an all purpose all-in-one kind of cake! Yummy!

We also have four Guinea hen chicks. They are SO cute! (Pics to follow later.) They are in a bin in our tub. Thankfully, they can be in a much smaller bin than the other chicks were since there are only four as opposed to the 16 Rhode Island Reds we started out. 15 of those made it. Not bad…losing only one chick. We were hoping to get one RIR rooster, but we are pretty sure we ended up with two. Oh, well…one goes into the pot sooner than the rest!

Our family is one that kids around. We have told people who come over that, if we kid around with you and tease you…it means you are family. I admit that we might take a tad too far from time to time, but we do try to be loving in all that we do. Well, kidding is not the only “talent” in our family.

The other day, I had to make a phone call for Dave. I pushed the button to get the cordless phone beeping so I could find it. Now, we do have other phones to use, so it is not like I could not make a call, but the cordless is nice to use. Well, I could hear it beeping, but I could not find it…anywhere.

Now, we live in a tiny RV…did I say “TINY”?? There just aren’t many places that doggoned phone could be. I followed the beeping into the “kitchen” and played a game of hot/cold as I tried to track it down. It actually sounded like it was coming from the cabinet under the stove! Nope…not there.

It took so long to find it that the beeping stopped and I had to set it off again. I even pulled out drawers to see if it was underneath…while wondering HOW on earth it could have gotten there in the first place. Little did I suspect! I finally found it IN a drawer! It was sitting on top of the wax paper and aluminum foil rolls.

I pondered whether or not it could have accidentally fallen off the counter and landed so neatly in place in the drawer. Naw. That stretches believability. Then I thought of our son. I figured he had to have done it. Nope…it turned out to be my loving, darling husband! He thought it was great and got quite a chuckle out of it. I told him he had better watch out because I am going to have to find some way to return the gift to him! **muwahahahaha**

Elias came to our door the other day and proclaimed himself to be “mountain man”. He had caught the cutest little baby rabbit! It was beautiful. I really enjoyed holding it. We really did not have a good place to keep it, so we put it temporarily in the chicken pen. then it got its poor little head stuck in one of the chicken wire holes and it started “crying”. Elias did not know that rabbits made noise. Now he knows!

With Dave on one side of the fence and Elias on the other, they managed to free the poor little thing. At that point, it hid in a corner of the pen. I was able to get a couple of pictures of it in the corner, but I was on the outside, so they don’t really show much. (They are also still in the camera.) He hopes to catch another one to keep as a pet after we get a better cage setup.

It’s that time of year…time to wear by eau de Natrapel Plus! I am starting to get some bites here and then. Nothing really bad yet, but I am not going to wait. I am trying to remember to put the Natrapel on to hopefully dissuade them from even trying me out. I removed a tick about a week ago. He had already started going in, but I think he had only just started because when I tugged on itand then let it go, it backed out and ran. I got it, though!

Well…I think that is a fairly through update for now. We are living this adventure called “life” with our Creator, Yahweh, by our side. I hope that you are journeying along with us…heading toward the same goal…to be with Yahweh forever through His Son Yeshua (Jesus).

Many blessings to you!

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