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Sick of Raccoons Stealing Food!

May 21, 2009

I am so sick of raccoons getting into our food. I don’t think it would be as bad if they actually ate or took it away…but they don’t. They tear into the cereal boxes, one after another, and leave a mess everywhere. They don’t really eat it…and they make so that we can’t eat it, either!!! Plus, the mess is on gravel. How do you clean that up? You can’t just sweep it, which means that there is food around to keep drawing them in.

We have no room to store much food in our RV, so we have to store a lot of it outside. There are jars and cans on shelving. That stuff is pretty much OK other than the fact that mice obviously love to play in there. The other stuff we put into bins outside…bins with lids.

We actually did pretty well for awhile. Then “someone” either left a box of cereal out or a bin lid off and the little rascals discovered it. Ever since then it has been touch and go. Last week, we switched out two bins. I took my kitchen stuff out of the bin that has latches on the lid ends and put the food items in there. So far…so good.

Well, this morning, our son went out and the little guys had managed to get one end of the bin lid undone. They pushed up that end of the lid and dragged out three boxes of Raisin Bran and a bag of macaroni noodles we got from the Free Store Food Pickup. They also left a bit of a mess inside the bin. Thankfully, they did not get into everything…just the most expensive stuff. Grrrrrr!!!!!

What really hurt was that they got one box of my Barbara’s Organic Shredded Wheat. That is one of my favorite cereals. We used to get it only when it was on sale because of the cost. The guys would leave it just for me. Then the store stopped carrying it. Awhile back, suddenly…there it was on the shelf again…on SALE! Only two boxes left so we grabbed them. Well, I just lost one to those darn critters!

I am a pretty frugal person. I know how to stretch a dollar. I buy on sale and oftentimes will do without until it goes on sale…depending on the item. Dave and I both look for the best prices so we can be good stewards of what we have been blessed with. So it is really frustrating to be losing food like this.

There is a tool bin that Dave is thinking of having me use. It is one of those kind you see in the garden department of the hardware stores. It is about two and half to three feet tall with a lid that swings up and then two front doors that can swing out. It looks like we might have to put the food in there. It also has a place to put a padlock if we want. Hmmm…it just might come to that!

20090520 Food Mess 004

20090520 Food Mess 001

20090520 Food Mess 002

20090520 Food Mess 003

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