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Brother Peter Badia & Kenya!

May 21, 2009

We got to meet a wonderful brother in Yeshua last Friday evening. His name is Peter Badia. He is from Kenya and has a vision for the body of Yeshua (Jesus) pulling together worldwide to minister to each other and to nonbelievers. He has been starting with Kenya and then flowing out into the neighboring countries.

Although Brother Peter calls Kitale, Kenya home, he started a ministry called The GPF Apostolic Missions Network, Inc., based in Irving, TX, USA to help meet this goal.  GPF stands for Global Prayer Force as prayer is the key to any ministry. We need the aid of the Holy Spirit in whatever work we do.

There are beautiful, wonderful people in Kenya. Their country has gone through much turmoil and is coming together. AIDs is a huge problem there and they are working very hard on dealing with that. We can come alongside of them and support them in the work they are doing. They not only know the country and how it works, but they also know the people. More than that…they ARE the people. We need to help the indigenous people to help each other.

It is sad that, too many times, the American “church” thinks it knows the answers to problems and it tries to come in and “fix” things. But we cannot fix anything. Our culture is too far removed from theirs. To think we know the answers is simply arrogance speaking. We need to support our brothers and sisters who are over there who do know what is needed.

We can physically go over and help them with whatever they need help with. We can give gifts to help them. Most importantly, we can pray for them…and we can let them know we are praying for them. We can write them encouraging words…words that edify them and glorify our Lord. This is what Brother Peter was sharing with us. We need to set aside the petty differences that exist within the body of Yeshua and work together.

We were privileged to have this time with Brother Peter and I look forward to his next visit. I took this picture from a video our son took, so it is a little blurry…but not too bad. There are more pictures of him at his website.

Peter Badia 2090516-1

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