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Today…or a Very Quick Post!

May 15, 2009


I found out that the leaky kitchen faucet not only puts water on the counter, but also beneath the sink. So, I spent part of my day cleaning out under the sink and soaking up water from the carpet they have on the shelf beneath the sink. Yes…there is carpet there! I also sorted through and organized the stuff under the sink. Some of it went into a bin and got put outside.

I found a bin outside with empty bottles and some food had partially filled up with water that came in through the cracks in the lid that came from the lid breaking down in the sun and weather. Yes…that was a long sentence! The bottles are outside drying out so that I can clean them and put them back into the bin…after I clean the bin out. (I scavenged another  lid from a bin that does not need one.)

I took the lid I had cleaned to put on the new rice bucket and put it in place of the lid for the other rice bucket which had cracked due to the being cheaply made and being outside in the elements. So, now I need to clean another new lid.

I discovered that another bin which had no lid and was under the awning was also partially filled with water because the tarp over the awning leaks. So, I had to use a dishpan to soak some small purses in antibacterial dish soap. They are now rinsed out and sitting on a dish rack in the dishpan in the bathroom.

I am cooking something to bring to a pitch in dinner tonight where we are privileged to hear a man from Kenya speak. He is a pastor to pastors and we very much look forward to hearing his story. Our neighbor brought him over the other day, so we got to meet him.

The guys are working on the chicken coop in the meadow. Hopefully, for the very first time, they will be spending the night outside instead of in a tub in our bathtub! We are looking forward to that! Er…the chicks will be spending the night outside in the coop…NOT the guys! hehehe

Our garden is doing well. The plants are taking hold and coming up strong. The tomatoes need more warmer weather before they will take off, but even they are still going.

We lost some chicken feed last night due to our son leaving the full feeder out in the pen. Since the chicks were not in it, he did not latch the door. The raccoons had a feast last night!

Well…I really need to get back to cooking for tonight! I hope everyone reading this is doing well today. From our Little RV on the Hillside to you wherever you call home…may the blessings of our Abba/Father in heaven rest upon you. Shalom!

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