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April 1, 2009

I have been SO busy lately! I hate it when I am that busy. It means that I don’t have time to write as much as I like to. Some times, I will be laying in bed and all these things I could be writing are going through my head. I so long and hope for the day when we will have an actual bedroom…when I will be able to stay up, or get up, and write without having to be concerned about keeping others from sleeping.

For now, though, I find it is better not to even dream of such things. If they come to pass, then I am really nicely surprised. If they don’t, well, I am not so disappointed.

It is very difficult to make any kind of real plans when you have no idea what is coming around the corner. Do we try to build a room, which would most likely eliminate the possibility of getting a used single wide trailer? Or do we hold out, hoping that someone will donate one, seeing as how we don’t have the money to buy one? At some point, we need to get ready for next winter. It takes time to build a room.

We are thinking in terms of finishing up the laundry room so that I can empty the tarp shed and get some of the bins off of our pad. The tarp shed then needs to be torn down. The next step, if there is no sign of a trailer coming our way, is to take the platform that Dave had already started building and get it leveled off behind the RV. Then we can add to it and build an insulated workshop with a full bathroom in it. At least, that would provide us with some space.

We really need prayer for wisdom. We need to see what direction Yahweh is moving us. We know that He brought us here for a reason. Is our time up? If not, we need to keep looking at what we can do about our situation. I know that He will direct us.

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