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I Love the Spring!

March 22, 2009

I love the spring. Sadly, in the time we have been here, it has always gone from the freezing cold of winter weather right into the blazing heat of summer with very little, if any, real springlike weather.

This year was different, however. Even during the winter, there were pockets of springlike weather. There have always been pockets of nice weather, but some of this was just beautiful…in the middle of a winter that started about a month early and has definitely been colder than previously.

Now that we have started to have somewhat consistent nicer weather, it seems to be lasting, also. Although, I have read that we have a cold spell coming, and possibly even snow, in about a week or so.  I have been told that most people around here do not plant outside until late April or even early May because of the possibility of a late frost…or even snow!

When we bought our land, it snowed on April 1. Dave, Dawn (our realtor) and the neighbors were walking the property to try and show where the borders are…in the snow. I was sick and unable to go. When I did get to go, the snow was still there. So, my first real look at our land took place when it was blanketed with snow.

Such is life here. I have heard variations on a saying. Some will say “If you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour.” One said to even wait just ten minutes!

Today started off cold, but it sure did turn beautiful. Right now it is in the mid 50’s and I have the door open. I am praying for a lot of springlike weather this year! It would really be nice.

On the other side of things, our black water tank is persistently not fully draining when I pull the valve. There always seems to be something that wants to partially plug up the valve and slow things down. That makes draining it a real nuisance. I have to pull it, try to flush it and then close it up again as it plugs up. When I close it, I can hear the “water” dripping into the valve tube past the partial blockage. Once it fills the space below the blockage, it can kind of float upward, leaving it open again. So, I pull the plug again and it drains until it plugs up again. And so it goes until I can get it “fully” flushed.

I hope we did not have something accidentally fall into the tank that should not have. If that is the case, this may be something we just have to deal with every time we dump the tanks. There might be something in there that will constantly just float around and never go away. I hope that whatever is causing the semiblockage will break down and go away.

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