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Creek Crossing Built Back Up!

March 11, 2009

In a previous post, I had shown what the last major storm did to our creek crossing. It actually held up pretty well in that the pipes stayed in place. The top surface washed out due to the fact that we had not been able to get the concrete on before the freezing weather hit. creek-crossing-20090227-002

I managed to get the pipes reopened by tugging and pulling on the twigs, branches and yes…even a small tree or two. I got them out of the way, along with lots of leaves and such. That got the water level down and took some of the pressure off of the crossing. It was hard work, but I am so glad that I was able to do it. Not bad for a 50 something woman with PTSD!

On the Saturday following, Dave started to do what he could with it. He worked on getting the pipes the rest of the way dug out and unplugged. Then he started to fill in the top of the crossing as best as he could. We had one car trapped on the wrong side of the creek. I needed it out by Tuesday. He was hoping to just get the car over and then we would just start walking the driveway again.

On Sunday, a friend brought over his skidsteer. He and Dave worked on reburying the crossing.



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