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Somebody’s Daughter & Dealing With Pornography!

March 6, 2009

Steve Siler of Music For the Soul sent me the following email:

KLOVE is airing an interview I did with them this coming Sunday night March 8.  Because KLOVE has the best national coverage of any network we’ve ever been on I’m asking everyone to take this opportunity to get the word out about Music for the Soul & the Somebody’s Daughter project.

PLEASE consider passing this information on to your e-mail list, your church/pastor, your facebook friends, etc. Especially send this to anyone you know who is struggling with this issue.

If you don’t have KLOVE in your area you can still listen by clicking on the link below!

The interview is 18 minutes long – I’m on for the last 6 or 7 minutes and they play some of the song Somebody’s Daughter.   We want people to know there is hope and help on this issue, not just from Music for the Soul, but from people like Doug Weiss and Pastor Jones.

Hope you can listen.

Blessings – and thanks!


The program is scheduled to air on the radio on Sunday night March 8th at 5:00pm Pacific/6:00 Mountain 7 Central/8 Eastern

The audio is already available on K-Love’s website.

You can hear it as well by visiting this link:

Free From Pornography

A psychiatrist, a pastor and a filmmaker share personal stories.

Ed Lenane talks with Dr. Doug Weiss of Heart2Heart Counseling Center; Pastor David Erik Jones author of “My Struggle, Your Struggle”; and Steve Siler, co-writer of the CD/DVD series “Somebody’s Daughter”

**end of email**

I have seen the video “Somebody’s Daughter”  here. It appears to still be available to watch.

Music For the Soul website can be found here. Steve has a real heart for hurting people. All the musicians on the different CD’s they have done have volunteered their time and talents. You might want to check them out.


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