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Religion of “Peace”, Beheadings & “Honor” Killings?

February 26, 2009

Is Islam a “peaceful” religion? Not according to some of what I have seen and read. Apparently, it is only peaceful amongst Muslims. Check out this video.

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Oh, but wait. It is not peaceful to its own. Rather, only to its own who never disagree with them, as you can also see in this video that honors the victims of so called “honor” killings. This video makes me want to cry.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are a lot more videos on the net…some of them quite graphic…and all of them heartbreaking. Where is the love in this religion? Is there none? None at all?
This next video shows a woman who is fighting against honor killings in Jordan. I hope the information she shares breaks your heart as much as it broke mine.Think about it…do we want this in our country? Oops! Too late! It is already here…and this is not the only example.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

The leaders of Yeshua/Jesus’ day brought a woman caught in adultery to Him. The penalty was supposed to be stoning. Interestingly, although she was “caught in the act”, the man was never brought forth. That is because it was a setup to try and trick Yeshua. He started to write in the dirt and then He wisely told them that the one without sin should cast the first stone. They all left, starting with the oldest. Could it be the oldest were more aware of their sinfulness since they had lived long enough to sin more?
To you who are perpetrating these honor killings…are you perfect? Have you done NOTHING dishonorable?? Men commit crimes against women…crimes like rape…and the WOMAN is punished?? THAT is  dishonorable! Where are her rapists?? I hear that Muslim women supposedly have a place of honor. I sure don’t see it.
In another video I saw a sobbing 12 year old girl, who had obviously been physically abused, begging to be allowed to divorce her husband who was in his 50’s. His 50’s!!!! What kind of religion forces a 12 year old girl to marry a man in his 50’s? And then causes her to have to BEG for a divorce? Where is a protecting father who should be taking his daughter FROM the man??
Tell me, peace loving Muslims, why are you not stopping these atrocious practices?? What kind of “god” do you serve who would want these kinds of things done? If he does not approve of them…then stop them from happening!! PLEASE!!

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