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Warmth on the Way!

February 6, 2009

Yay!!! We are supposed to have some warmer days ahead. Day temps in the 50’s and night time above freezing!

Longing for Spring

Oh, long awaited breath of warmth
do you hearken to my door?
I’ve been seeking you near and yon
from our hill to the river’s shore.

Watching, waiting, hoping to see
hints of spring coming to me.
Speak up oh, warmth! What do you say?
Will you come and bid us play?

Will the sunshine sparkling so bright
cause glistening snows to melt?
Will toboggan runs disappear
from frozen hillsides where they dwelt?

Will bonny greens soon reappear
spotted with colors throughout?
Lifting faces to sun and wind
with a celebratory shout?

Come to me, oh yon spring season!
No delays without reason!
Bring your colors and come to stay.
Chase the cold of winter away!

Yep…it’s time. I love winter. I love the snow and the sparkling ground. It is beautiful and, at times, downright breathtaking! However,  being in this tiny RV does make it more difficult to enjoy the winter snow with its cold and extra weather gear for which we don’t really have any room. So, reluctantly, I am ready for spring to come.

Hopefully, this year we will have a real spring. In the three springs we have been here so far, it has gone straight from winter freeze to summer hot. Sadly, the fall has been the same in reverse…mostly straight from summer heat to winter cold.  This last fall we actually had two to three weeks of some beautiful fall weather, but then the freezing cold rushed in.

According the stats, we are having a below normal temperatures winter. I wonder how that will play out for the rest of the year’s weather.

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