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Water Inside or Where’s the Squeegee?

February 2, 2009

In the cold weather, we often get condensation inside our windows. When we first open the window coverings, there is so much water on them that you cannot really see through them.



Trying to dry them off is a lost cause, besides which, the moisture just ends up on the rag and going right back into the air. So, I use a squeegee (pictured below) to wipe off the moisture. This causes the water to go down into the bottom track of the window and drain out the holes at the ends. I have to keep the squeegee handy as the condensation returns during the day, in spite of the Damp Rid containers we use to grab the moisture out of the air.


It is kind of like living in this earthly world. We don’t really see much of the spiritual world. Oh, we catch glimpses of it now and then, but we can’t see it clearly. We tend to focus on what we can see, hear, touch. But that is only a shadow of the real world…the spiritual world. I like what C. S. Lewis used to refer to this world as:  the Shadowlands.

The Apostle Paul says it another way. He likens it to looking into a mirror and seeing things dimly. Back in his day, mirrors were typically polished metal and you never really did see things in the clear way we do in mirrors today. Everything still looked kind of dim at best.

As I think about it, looking in the mirrors of today is still a good comparison. Whatever we see in a mirror is reflected back to us in reverse. What I mean is that when you look at yourself in a mirror you do not see yourself as others see you. Your left is on your left, but when others see you your left is on their right. Our images in the mirror are flipped.

That is how we tend to see life…flipped. We see the material world as being more real than the spiritual world. Our vision is flipped from reality. It is the spiritual world that is more real. It is the spiritual world that is eternal. This physical world will pass away. I encourage you to take a serious look at the spiritual world…the world that Yahweh/God made. He tells us all we need to know about it in His wonderful Instruction Manual to us…the Bible. Take a look in that book. Open your heart and spirit to the truth that is there. It can change your life.


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