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It’s Happened Before – It’s Happening Now!

January 28, 2009

There is a group of people on this planet that many are determined to destroy. For centuries attempts have been made…one after another…to remove them from the planet permanently. Yet, there has never been success.

Oh, that does not mean that millions of them have not died over the centuries in the attempts to wipe them out. They have, but they have never been completely wiped out. They have been scattered to the four corners of the earth, but they are still here!! And they will continue to be here. How do I know? I know because they are Yahweh’s people…called by His name!

Yes, He has had to correct them over the centuries, time and time again, even to the point of scattering them all over the world. Yet, He made a promise to them that, in the end, He would bring them all back together again…one last time. It’s there…in the Book! Read it for yourself. Thoroughly study Yahweh’s Word…His Bible…His Torah. You will see how He has dealt with His people and you will see the incredible promises that He made to them.

Destroy them? You attempt this at your own peril. Yahweh also says in His Word that He is jealous for His people. Those who hurt His people ARE punished for it…even the ones He sent against His own people to discipline and teach them not to betray Him by worshiping false gods.

The people who are trying to destroy them in this current time WILL answer to Yahweh for it. They are His chosen ones and nothing…and no one…can ever change that!

There is one attempt that some are trying to say never happened. Yet, there are still people who were there…who remember…alive today. There are not many left…but there are some. There is also an awful lot of documentary evidence…footage…photos, etc. Here is a video about that attempt to remove them all (along with the lame, the mentally ill and others considered “unacceptable”). Watch it and weep.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Who is trying today to kill them off? Read and see:

Mark Steyn: Jews get killed, but Muslims feel vulnerable

Walid Shoebat

Muhammad ordered Muslims to kill Jews?
Palestinian academic says tradition makes it religious obligation

There is a blindness settling over an awful lot of people in this world. There are some who do see, but they only really see partially. They think it is only about the Jews. Very few truly “get it”.  There is a war going on.

There has always been a war waged against the people of Yahweh…the Jews, but it goes even beyond them. The war is also against all of the other people of Yahweh…the followers of Yeshua/Jesus…regardless of whether they call themselves “Messianic” or “Christian”. Yet, it goes beyond even that. Basically, it is a war against all who are not true 100% Muslims.  Think not? Check out this actual broadcast sermon. Oh, and it is also against all so-called “moderate Muslims”.

This interview in Ireland is a REAL eyeopener. Follow it all the way through…and get ready.


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