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Plastic & a Heating Pad!

January 26, 2009

When I was growing up, we lived part of the time in a cold area of the country. I remember how we would take down the screens on the windows and replace them with the glass “storm” windows. It would help to keep the heat in. It is the concept behind the double paned windows of today.

Come the warmer weather, we would do it in reverse and put the screens back up. It was kind of  like the changing of the guard between seasons. It was one of those events that marked the passage of time. Where we live now, I see those windows on some of the houses. Other houses use plastic to wrap around their windows, while still others use nothing.

With the RV, we don’t have the option of using storm windows, however, we can put up plastic. We have had the plastic for some time, but Dave did not have the time to put it up until recently. It is wonderful! You can really feel the difference. I was ambivalent about putting it up because I did not want to obscure the scene outside the window. There is some loss of clarity, but it is worth it in order to have natural light in here on the colder days.

Dave was finally able to put plastic on the outside of the window above the couch. What a difference it makes. The window is not nearly as cold to the touch and, despite the low temperature that first night, there was no ice on the inside of the window on the first morning! The kitchen window, which is not covered, did have ice. Wow!

There was apparently some moisture trapped between the window and the plastic as there was the tiniest bit of frost on the inner side of the plastic.  No, I didn’t get a picture. I should have, though. I opened the window and wiped off the plastic to get some of the moisture out. There was no frost this morning, but there is some condensation, so there must still be some moisture trapped in there.

We have opted not to cover the kitchen window with plastic because we need to be able to get some fresh air in here at times. That window is pretty small and provides some cross ventilation when the door, which is on the opposite side of the RV is open.

We aim the fan behind the heater down toward the floor. The idea is that, since heat rises, if we blow the warm air toward the floor, it will naturally go up, forcing the colder air down to be heated. Even so, the floor does tend to be colder, although not nearly as much now that we have some of our blue “flooring” in!

Where I sit at my PC, however, the cold air from the cab area of the RV hits my feet. So, my feet tend to get really cold. My solution to that:  a heating pad. I drape it across my feet and it really helps. Otherwise, it just seems like my feet never warm up…even when I am up and walking around. Even with the heating pad, I tend to have difficulty getting my feet warm. At some point, I will go and get some kind of winter weather snow boot that I can wear. I need a pair anyway.

That heating pad gets dual use, actually. I also tuck it into bed at night with me. In between the hot flashes, I tend to be colder than the guys. So, I use an extra blanket and I have the heating pad to use on my feet, or wherever else I happen to need it, on those cold winter nights. Brrrrr!!!

So, from our little RV on the hillside, equipped with plastic and a heating pad, I hope that you are keeping warm wherever you are! Stay warm. Stay dry. And always remember to seek Yahweh with all of your being. Only the Creator holds the key to what life is all about and why we are here! Seek Him…through His Son, Yeshua/Jesus! That is the only way to have a truly warm spirit, too!


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