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Planning Ahead & Being Sidelined

January 16, 2009

We are scrambling to put in insulation sheeting all around the inside of the RV…and the outside. Obviously, it would have been easier to do this when it was warmer. So, why didn’t we? Several reasons.

One is that it is very difficult to do all of this with everything still inside the RV. Yet, it is also difficult to have to almost empty the RV in order to do this. We kept hoping for certain things to happen that would have either made it easier to do…or that would have eliminated the need to do it altogether. They just never happened.

We kept hoping to finish an area that would allow me to take things out of the RV and be able to store them in a warm, dry, secure place outside. We kept hoping that we would not be spending another winter in the RV, making it so that we would not have to deal with it all.  Well, we were wrong. We are still here.

Still, we would have gone ahead and done at least some of it anyway, except that we had been made an offer of a house to stay in for the winter. We had to really pray about it before deciding to accept the offer. It is not a simple thing to just move into a house for a few months. There is furniture to deal with, as well as having to move twice, deal with transferring the phone, two power bills, etc.  Plus, Dave was trying for a specific job close to the RV. So, we prayed, discussed it amongst ourselves and with our spiritual leaders. Once Dave realized the job was not his, we decided to go for it. It would have given us a place to unpack some things and sort and weed out. So, we called the people to talk about making whatever arrangements we needed to make. Naturally, it did not make sense for Dave to go to all the hassle and work of preparing the RV if we were just going to move out. He had other things here to work on.

By the time they finally got back to us, Dave had started work again and the weather was already starting to hit. He lost all of the time that he could have used when he was off work and when the weather was warmer. The timing would not have been too bad, though, if we had actually gotten the house. Sure it would have been easier to move while he was still off work…still…we could have done it. However, it turned out the offer was made by only one of several siblings who had to all agree. They were unable to all get together at once to even discuss it, let alone agree on it. So, the reality is that the offer was made in vain.

We know the ones offering it meant well. They really wanted to help us out…to give us a respite through the winter…and we really appreciate that! It just did not work out. So, now we have to face things as they are and do the best we can. We tried to plan ahead…and got sidelined. That has been the story of the last few years.

Yet, Yahweh is always with us. He will get us through this winter, just as He has the previous three. I hope and I pray that there will not be a fourth. But if there is…I know He will walk us through that, too. Sometimes, life just throws you curveballs. You can’t let it get you down.

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