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Living in a Cave or…Baby, It’s COLD Outside!

January 16, 2009

When the temperatures fall way down, I sometimes end up leaving the foil insulation in the windows to help keep the heat in. In the morning, I have to make the bed back into a couch. In a previous post, I have pictures showing that process. That was done in the nice warm summertime. Here is the end of the process in the wintertime.

This is after the bedding is rolled up and stuffed into the driver’s seat.


We are using a blanket folded over a wooden 1×2 for a curtain. After it is pulled back, this is what you see…before the bed if folded back up into a couch.


When it gets really cold out, I sometimes leave the foil insulation in and the curtain closed. Naturally, this means that there is very little natural light inside. The foil is not a real tight fit and it is rather worn, so there is some light leakage to the inside, but not much. The darkness gives being in the RV the feel of being in a sort of man made cave.

Just as there is not much light coming in, there is also not much heat going out. That is why the windows get so icy. There is enough heat to let condensation form, but not enough to keep the condensation from freezing. The foil is keeping most of the heat from getting to the windows, which is exactly what we want it to do. So, I guess you could say that the ice is a sign that it is working!

Earlier, I pulled the foil back just a little bit on the window on the awning side of the RV. Now, the awning side is warmer than the other side by several degrees. See how much ice was formed.


This is a shot without the flash. I share it because I think the blue is very pretty. The blue is actually coming from a blue tarp that we have on the roof. It is also covering the awning and is so large that it hangs down from the side of the awning. That is what you are “seeing” through the ice.



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