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Good Morning, World & 9 Degrees Below!

January 16, 2009

Oh, what a wonderful morning! Truly!

In spite of it being -9 Degrees when we woke up.


When we went to bed, it was -8!


It is currently -7. As you can see, the inside temperature shows that we are staying warm. The unit is mounted about the height of my head, so the actual “living” temperature is a few degrees cooler, but it is plenty warm enough.

My feet, on the other hand,  get cold…very cold! When I am typing on my computer, my feet are situated right where the cold from the cab area hits them. The metal in the cab acts like a heatsink drawing the cold in.  I have actually used a heating pad on my feet to keep them warm while I sit here to type! I lay it right on top of the boots, or whatever other shoe I might be wearing.

Lately, I am wearing knee socks along with regular socks and short leg warmers. I have these funny looking boots that I wear, too. They are like the “rubber/plastic” clogs, only with thick fuzzy material attached. I got them mostly to have something to slip into when I am not wearing my regular shoes. I can wear them outside and they do fairly well…but they are not as warm as what I need for being outdoors in real cold weather. They do great, though, to quickly run outside and get something. I can also slip them off so that I am not dragging snow inside…or mud.


Unfortunately, I cannot find anything that I have for the real cold weather. It looks like I will have to break down and buy something. Oh, well. Such is life when most of your stuff is in bins or ????

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