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Living in an Entryway, Another Use for Lint Rollers & Romantic Notions!

January 9, 2009

On Thursday I had to prepare for the repairman to return to finish fixing our microwave/convection oven. The rotor needed to be replaced and he had to come back after the ordered parts arrived. The parts were here and I had tidied up as best I could, clearing counter space for him to work on.

Then I looked down at the carpet. Ugh! No matter how well I vacuum, it only takes a few trips in and out for it to look like I never did it. There are always tiny bits of leaves, little pieces of gravel, mud, and lots of fine dust/dirt. The dirt at least isn’t visible, but it certainly isn’t very good for our computers. I don’t think helps our sinuses any, either. The fan we use behind our oil heater to circulate the air also circulates the fine dirt that tracks in.

We try to wipe it all off outside, but there really is no good place to do that. No matter what we put outside our door, taking off our shoes seems to be the only real option. Unfortunately, that is not a good option. You can’t stand outside in the freezing weather taking off your shoes! Well, you could, but it would not be a very pleasant experience!

Once inside, there is an inside step that is lower than the rest of the RV that you can wipe your feet on. However, the step is only about 14 inches from the door to the floor. So, in order to wipe your feet on it, you have to leave the door open. Unless, of course, you happen to be extremely thin and have feet the size of a small child! That wreaks havoc with the heating bill as all the heat goes outside while the cold comes in.

So, I spent part of Thursday morning on my hands and knees. I used a whiskbroom and dustpan for some things, but switched to just using my hands to pick up most of the bigger stuff since the whiskbroom also raises the dirt into the air. It is not very pleasant to be down there breathing it in!

I learned a long time ago, though, that lint rollers come in pretty handy! You can pick up fairly inexpensive ones. So long as the big stuff is pretty much up, they will pick up most of the smaller obvious stuff. Even Dave noticed the difference in the appearance of the carpet when he came home. Hmmm…I am thinking that I will, perhaps, make using the lint roller a regular part of carpet care in between vacuuming.

Back in California, I saw something advertised that I tried. They were basically big lint rollers on long handles…made for the floor. With these, though, you rinsed them off in the sink to clean them. They were reusable. Great idea…except that you had to wait for them to dry in between uses. When you have more than a little bit of area to cover, it did not work too well. Also, finding a place to store them was interesting as they were always sticky when dry. Nice idea, but it was a bit difficult to use.

About a month ago, I was at church talking with a really nice gal. Her husband was standing there listening in. We were talking about different things when the subject of our tiny living space came up. She was trying to find something positive to say about it and, rather naively, commented that it must be so much easier to keep clean! I think I laughed out loud.

Her husband shook his head “no”; while I pointed out to her that the dirtiest place in a house is typically the entryway. That is where everything gets tracked in. By the time you get to the rest of the house, the dirt is off your shoes. Well, our tiny living space is like living in the entryway of a house. It all tracks right in and there is no place to go to get away from it! So, actually, it was harder, not easier, to keep clean. I did appreciate her attempt to be encouraging, but had to kind of chuckle.

This truly is one of those kinds of things where, unless you have lived in this type of situation, it is next to impossible to comprehend. I have shared with people that our common living space is 11’ x 7 ½’. However, unless you physically come see it or actually try measuring that out in one of your own rooms, it really is hard to grasp what that actually means.

We had some church leaders come out to check out our situation and one leader was just sitting on our couch with his mouth open. He was literally in shock and overcome by how small our space is. It really is hard for those who have not seen it to comprehend.

A friend of ours was actually part of large family and was raised in a tiny trailer. So, she had some idea of what it is like. Yet, even she said that, until she actually came out to see it, she had no idea it was so small. A child, being smaller, tends to see things as bigger. When you are the adult, they are more in perspective and the smallness is more recognized.

Another thing that I think people have to overcome is the romantic idea that we are “camping” all the time. When you go camping, you leave a lot of stuff behind. You only take what you absolutely need and rough it for a bit…even when you are in an RV. This is OK because you know that you are going back home to your full closet, full kitchen and pantry, laundry room, nice shower with the BIG water heater, comfortable bed, etc. Trying to “camp” day in and day out for months and even years is a huge challenge, especially of you don’t have one of the those nice big RVs with the bedroom, etc. Nope…romantic this is NOT. Although, I suppose it could at least lend itself toward that direction if there were only two of us. But there is not. We are three.

Still, about 85% of the people in the world have less than we do, at least in living space any way. We do try to keep that in mind when we start to feel discouraged. There is another side to that, but I will save it for another post sometime.

So, these are my thoughts for this post. Still no internet, although there obviously will be by the time you read this!

From our little RV on the hillside…to you in whatever situation you are in…I pray that you can see the blessings in what you have. I pray that you can be grateful and thank Yahweh that it is not worse. Every one has struggles. With some it is living situations. With others it is health…their own or that of a loved one. With some it is the loss of someone close to them. There are many things that can discourage us, but there is One who understands it all and wants to comfort us and walk with us through it. I hope that you will turn to Him today.

Yahweh sent the Son part of Himself…Yeshua/Jesus…to show us Himself…to make it easier for us to connect to Him. I hope that you will seek Yahweh…that You will seek Yeshua/Jesus…with all of your heart. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He will. He is faithful. He has gotten our family and us as individuals through many things. He is there. He is real.

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