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Busyness, Sickness & Yay!

December 30, 2008

Well…I finally get to come back here to write! The last couple of weeks or so have been very busy. Let’s see, we have had to deal with two water leaks inside the RV, a partially washed out creek crossing, Christmas activities, a plugged black water tank (which thankfully unplugged “itself”) and ice. On top of that, I fell two times in as many weeks. So, I am not moving real swiftly. Our son has had a cold for about a week and two days ago…I got it. Dave has been fighting something off for a few days, too.

However…the best thing that has kept me busy is our “new” refurbished laptop.  It takes time to get all the programs installed on it, especially when you start out as Administrator and then realize you have to switch over to Owner. Being clueless, I let Dave take care of that. I still don’t have all my programs installed. We did find a very easy to use utility for transferring my email from one pc to the other, however, it is not transferring all of my email. Not sure what Dave is going to be able to do about that. It can be done by hand, but the files are not in the same place on the new laptop as they are on the old. Go figure! Same program…different location. In fact, so different that I cannot even find them on the new one!

I do have some pictures and videos, but it takes time to get them all transferred so that I can upload them. Time…and being well would help, too! I just wanted to check in here!

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