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How Appropriate & Assorted Winter Stuff!

December 16, 2008

I noticed that someone had done a search for unfreezing RV valves, so I thought to myself…hey, we have had to deal with that and a whole bunch of other things. Why not start to write some “how to” posts? Of course, today we need to dump our RV black water tank and guess what? Our valve is frozen!

Between so many things going on and uncertain Winter plans, Dave only got some of the winter preparations done. He already had a makeshift protection for our dump valves, but the wind blew it down and now our valve is frozen. When he gets home, he is going to have to thaw it out and make something more permanent.

The snow is coming down fairly heavily now. It is beautiful and I hope to get a video up in the next post or two.

Dave called and said that he is on his way home from work because up to four inches is expected. Around here, that makes driving conditions pretty dangerous, especially since it is predicted that there will be sleet rain mixed in with it.

Right now, we have big fluffy flakes. Earlier, we had tiny little things that looked more like little bouncy balls…not quite hail.

Well, Dave just called again and asked us to pray. Everyone is sliding and there is a shortage of salt, so only the hills will get salted. He said that even just trying to take off from a stand still at the light, he started to slide. So, Elias and I prayed!

I am giving Elias a snow day today. We don’t really get snow that often…not as often as I would like. Well, actually, I would just like for the snow to come down a few times and then stick. No ice. Just beautiful snow with plowed, cleared roads.

As you can see, I have been interrupted several times in the writing of this post. Now I shall hit the “Publish” button. Then I will see about uploading those videos!

If you live where there is snow, ice and slippery roads…stay safe!

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