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Beautiful Day, Update & Kitty!

December 16, 2008

Today is a beautiful day. I love it when I can get up early enough to have some bible study time before Elias gets up. I get to sit in the quiet after Dave leaves and just read and pray and write. A beautiful day does not always have to mean beautiful weather! It can be beautiful because of the attitude of the heart.

I also discovered last night that the registry repair, even though I checked it diligently, undid my power settings…again. I keep checking them, but apparently, it takes a reboot, or two, before the changes show up. My laptop was slipping into standby mode. No, that does not mean my laptop is OK. I wish it was that simple! However, it was shutting itself off before I ran the reg repair. It just explains some other wierd behavior last night.

It is cold today. In fact, there was supposed to be an ice storm last night, but Dave says the roads were clear when he went to work this morning. No ice. No snow. The news said that it was going to hit mostly south of us. Hmm…go figure. South? Colder? Isn’t the South supposed to be warmer? I mean, isn’t that why the birds typically fly South? Although, around here, we have seen some birds that must have been pretty mixed up. About a month and a half ago, we actually saw a huge (and I do mean HUGE) flock of geese flying NORTH! I filmed it, but it was too blurry to put online.

Speaking of pictures, Elias took some pictures of our kitty. I will try to get some uploaded here while I sip my hot green tea with honey. Hopefully, my lappy will co-operate.

This one is a little blurry, but I really like it. I think he looks so cute! OK. OK. So “cute” is probably a female term and this is a picture of a male cat taken by a boy. Oops! I guess I had better call him a “young man” now, seeing as how he is taller than I am and his voice has been changing for awhile. However, I still think it is a cute picture of our cute kitty!




In this picture, the blue insulation sheet we have on the outside of the door is still in pretty good shape. Since this picture, kitty has taken to scratching at it to let us know that he is out there and hungry. That cat has some reach!

His attempts to go inside, along with some other actions of his, tell me that he is probably an abandoned house cat…and also that he was probably abused. I am so glad that we can take care of him. He absolutely craves being scratched and will actually take a swipe at you (claws in) to get you to scratch him. Elias will often sit outside with him, just scratching him and petting him. Sometimes, when it is warm enough to on the “stoop” doing his schoolwork, kitty will sit right next to him. They keep each other company.

This cat has a strange personality. Loves to be scratched. Loves to be brushed. Yet sometimes hates being petted. He will sit next to you for company, yet does not like to play like most cats do. Dangling things do not impress him one bit. He just sits there looking at you…kind of like in that last picture above.

Looking outside…we are starting to get a little bit of snow, but most of the storm is south of us, so it is doubtful that it will stick. It is that tiny stuff that you can barely see, although it does appear to be changing into a real flake here and there.

Later today, I am supposed to meet Dave to register our “new” little car. However, it depends upon road conditions. If there is any possibility of ice, he does not want me trying to drive. I can certainly understand that! We have a little bit of a hill, no matter which we go on our road. Right now, the car is parked on the road side of the creek, so there is no driveway hill to contend with.

Our driveway has some muddy spots, so we will probably not be able to bring the van up here much longer. The car, maybe, with its smaller footprint, lighter weight and front wheel drive. But the van, no. We may have to leave it parked below. Hopefully, we will be able to get some gravel to fill in the muddy spots on the driveway.

That is one thing about winter, we get a lot of ice and mud on our driveway. The gravel on our pad is wierd, too. When it freezes, it is like it swells and lifts up or something. When you walk on it, it breaks back apart and feels as if it is crumbling beneath your feet.

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