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A Dying Laptop

December 15, 2008

Well, my laptop is getting much worse. Today it has shut itself off at least three times…or was it four? I have defragged, run a registry cleaner, tried not to run as many programs at once, started deleting as much as I can of stuff that is not needed. However, in the last few days it has been shutting itself off more and more. I hope I can get this post done!

It badly needs a reformat, however, my cd/dvd drive has not worked for a long time. At this point, I am not even sure a reformat would help. In addition to the cd/dvd drive dying, the power cord is actually broken. I have to keep a battery in it all times because I never know when the power cord might get moved in just the wrong way and kill the power to it. My ps2 port is also bad.

Dave and I each got a laptop back in February of 2005, when we figured we might end up in the RV for a little while. (Little did we know it would be this long!) Our middle son saw them back in May and called them “dinosaurs”. He expressed surprise that they were even still running! Most of the letters are worn off of my keyboard and even the replacement stickers are worn off! Considering I use have used an external keyboard most of the time, that shows you how much typing I do!

Dave’s laptop is basically the same as mine and does not run a whole lot better. It just has a different set of problems. Well, it had a different set of problems. Now some of his problems are similar to mine. His power cord is also bad and his cd/dvd drive just died, too. His also loses the date and time if his power cord gets jiggled while it is off. We have three batteries, but they are also going bad, so his does not have a battery in it. Both of our laptops “lock up” on us…just at different times and for, seemingly, different reasons.

Dave is concerned because he knows how much I love to write. My writing is my outlet and my laptop is my lifeline to the outside world. Through my laptop I connect with family and friends. I get and give support. I pray for people. I write blogs and poetry and all sorts of things. I use it to listen to sermons and we use it for audios and videos for home school. It is a research tool. I use a bible study program on it. What can I say? My laptop gets used a LOT!

So, if this one dies, I will try to use Dave’s. However, I find using someone else’s pc to be very frustrating as the setups are always different. His programs are a bit different. However, I can do it. That will enable me to keep posting here and to at least check my email from time to time. I am not sure if I will be able to load the photo program onto his pc, though. I am also concerned that, if I start using his pc, it will run his into the ground even faster than it is already going.

So, there you have it. I am already trying to back up what I can. Some things are a challenge for me to back up as I am just not that pc literate and Dave is very busy. It would be easier to transfer some things before this one dies completely. At least I have most of my stuff on external hard drives…but not everything. I need to move some more stuff off of my hard drive.

So…if I don’t post for quite a while…it may just be that both laptops died! I am praying, though, that there won’t be any interruptions. I know that our Abba can make this little pc last longer. He is probably the only reason it has not completely died yet!

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