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Some Winterizing!

December 13, 2008

Here are photos of some of the things we are doing to prepare for winter.

When it gets cold, we bring in the oil heater. We have found that it works best with a fan behind it to circulate the air.


We also use a little heater for extra warmth, when needed:


The kitchen sink is in an island that juts out toward the center of the RV. The cupboard door under the sink lets cold air in, even when the doors are closed all the way. The water heater is housed in the corner of the cupboards to the left of the sink and has a nice sized venting hole in the side of the RV. The forced air heater is also housed in there, but we don’t use that because the fan got stuck on the last time we used it. Dave ended up cutting some wires in an attempt to stop the fan. It finally stopped when he banged on the side of the housing while trying to get to the wires inside of it.

Below is a picture of a cupboard door below the sink. I put some weather stripping on it to try to stop the cold air from coming in. I have since added some more stripping to the bottom and plan on putting some all the way around.


Another thing that Elias did the other day was to cut some foam insulation to cover the forced air outlets. Since the outlets come from under the cabinets, where it is always cold, cold air kept coming in through them. He did a good job sizing them and cutting them and I taped them into place.

This one is alongside the bathtub, which you can see above it.


This is the vent that goes into the “living room”. It is on the backside of the sink island and opposite the cupboard doors that I put weather stripping on.


The imprint in the rug is from the ice chest that is normally kept there. The bed/couch is breaking down and we use the ice chest to prop the side that hangs out.

From our cold weather little RV on the hillside, I hope that you, too, are warm and cozy!


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