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Icy Windows!

December 13, 2008

It is COLD today…20 degrees, according to the thermometer outside our window. Well, it was 20 degrees when I started this post. Now, after about three reboots, it is up to a whopping 44 degrees!

There was ice on the window again this morning, but still not as much as I have seen it get before. I have been remiss in getting pictures of it, but I did get some on the 5th and again today.

This is what our window looked like on the 5th.


I did not take a full window picture this morning. Instead, I got the two windows separately. Here they are:



As you can see, there is a greater amount of ice this morning.

One of the first things I need to do when ice builds like this is to make sure that the little holes through which water drains to the outside are open. The only one I can get to when the window is iced shut is the one on the right side of this window. The following picture shows the little plastic pipette that I use to run hot water into the hole to melt any ice plugs that are there.


Here is a picture of the pipette in place:


Once the hole is unplugged, I use the pipette to remove the ice dam in front of the sliding window. There have not been any ice dams yet this winter, so I don’t have pictures yet of how to do that.

You can see where we have added weather stripping along the aluminum frame to help keep it from being a “heatsink”.

I also got a picture this morning of our little kitchen window:


I hope these pictures show decently. I tend to have a difficult time holding my hands still when taking a picture. Dave has suggested getting a monopod to help steady the camera. It is like a tripod, only it has one leg instead of three. I try using the “Digital Image Stabilization” mode on the camera, but it does not seem to have as good of a resolution as the “Auto” mode.


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