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Fair Weather, a Broken Van & Laundry!

December 9, 2008

Well, it is raining today and the temps are in the mid 50’s. This makes it good weather for doing laundry. We were not sure our washer survived the recent freezing temps because “someone” forgot to get it all covered again, but it appears to have faired well. It seems that YHWH God is providing at least one warmer day a week to get laundry done. That is really nice.

I wish I had more time to write. Things happen that I would love to share more about, but I simply don’t have the time. Winter always brings more work with it.

I have only had ice on the windows a few times. Only once did I actually have to do anything about it. The other times it was so light that I could let it just melt. Yes, I did finally get a picture of some ice on the window, but it is still in the camera! One more thing I need to take time to do…unload my camera.

Our van broke down on Friday, but God worked everything out. We got it towed to the dealer and a friend loaned us a car. It turns out that it is covered on the after market warranty we bought. BUT, the warranty will only pay for after market parts. That means we still get stuck with the difference…over $300 for a fuel pump that went out. That is the difference, not the actual cost! Phew!

So, we are getting the names of reliable mechanics in both states so that, if we break down again, we can tow to one of them. If we had been able to put an after market fuel pump in, the whole thing would have been covered. Once it was torn apart, though, it was not worth trying to get it to a different mechanic. Plus, we would have had to pay the dealer for the trouble of tearing it apart and putting it back together again.

Elias cut some pieces of sheet insulation so we could cover some air ducts that were leaking cold air to the inside. We really need to put more insulation against the outside walls behind the doors and in the cupboards. It is just such a hassle to get to, though. One of these days…it will get done!

There is already mold growing in one part of  the bathroom. Dave has to use insulation on the “outside” for that as it is right where the generator cabin is. He already put some sheeting in our closet to stop it from growing, but we need to do another wall in there. Not fun!

Well, these are my thoughts for now. Right now, I need to go dump and flush our black water tank. Then I need to shower as we are hoping to pick the van up tonight. I also need to finish the laundry. Perhaps, somewhere in the midst of all that, plus teaching my son, I can write some more!

From our little RV on the hillside, I hope that you are enjoying your winter! Remember…Jesus Christ is the reason for Christmas! Without His coming, there would be no Christmas.

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