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Sunny, Cold a Raccoon & On the Upswing!

December 4, 2008

It is cold and sunny here. No snow yet, although over the past week we have seen everything from snow flurries to momentary downpours! It has been below freezing most nights.

Yesterday was the warmest daytime temperature it has been in awhile…low 50’s…and the best day to do laundry. So, we hooked up the hoses and washed. Well, Elias hooked up the hoses and I did the laundry.

Dave is feeling the best of all of us, although still sore and tired. Elias and I are still not feeling very well. I am not feeling well enough to really want to do much, yet also not feeling badly enough to just lay down and sleep. I hate being in that in between stage. Ick!

Dave is really liking his new job. It is so nice to have him getting up and looking forward to going to work again. It also does not hurt that the pay is better. We will see what happens with this job. It could become “permanent”.

Well, I am still a bit under the weather, so I am going to leave this post at this. Hopefully, the raccoon that was bothering our cat again last night won’t come back tonight. It would be nice to get some uninterrupted sleep! I guess we could let it sleep inside…NOT! Dave would never hear of it. We don’t have a litter box and there simply is NO room! *laughing*

I hope your day is sunny, wherever you are!

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