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Watching for the Path!

November 29, 2008

We don’t always know what path we are going to end up following. We can make plans and have dreams, but that may not be the direction God wants us to go. We were hoping to be able to do a “homesteading” kind of lifestyle…goats, chickens, gardens, canning, making our own soaps, etc. We were hoping to do a home business off of our land. Is that what God wants for us? I hope so…but it may not be. It is always possible that He wants us off of our land…and, perhaps, closer to stores and friends, etc.

Getting a trailer in is not as simple as some might think. You have to get the permit. You have to find an affordable trailer. Once the trailer is found, you have to put in the footers and run the power, water and septic over to the trailer spot. Then you have to have enough money to have it moved and installed if you are buying it from a private owner.

The footers alone are rather costly. Dave has tried to figure out an approximate cost for just the concrete on the footers. He thinks it may be somewhere between $1500 and $2000, but that is just a rough estimate. It also does not take into account the digging of the footers.

You cannot put the footers in, of course, until you have the trailer, since each trailer is different. So, you have to have enough money to buy the trailer, to have the footers put in, to have the utilities run to it, to have it moved and installed and to reseal the roof. We are told that all trailers develop leaks when they are moved. This is, of course, assuming we can get it up the driveway and onto the hillside. We may need to cut a bit more into the hill in one spot, but that is easily done with the right equipment. If the trailer has liquid propane (LP) appliances, then we also have that added cost to take into consideration.

We do not have enough money to purchase and get into place any of the trailers we have come across so far, not even the least expensive one that we found. However, some of the prices we have found do leave us hopeful. Thanks to some wonderful people, we now have a fund that we can start adding to. With Dave getting a new job, we are hoping to be able to add as much as possible to that fund.

We know that some were really hoping that we could get into a trailer by Christmas. That was a wonderful thought, but maybe by Christmas next year it will happen? We may have a possibility of moving into a house for the winter months this year. We are not sure yet. We want to be able to save as much as possible for a trailer…as soon as possible.

Will we be able to follow our dreams here? I don’t know. We will see what God has in store for us. We will see what path He will have us follow!

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