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Cold! Cold! Cold! & a Hot Bath!

November 24, 2008

There does not appear to be a let up in the cold weather. The other night we did not drip our faucet enough and the hose going into the RV froze! Thankfully, it did not take long to thaw it out with the hair dryer. There is no sticking snow yet and we actually had rain today!

These are times of year when a nice long hot bath would be soooooo nice. Taking a bath in our little tub is a bit of a process. With a six gallon water heater it takes quite awhile to fill the tub. We have to run a slow stream so that the hot water heater can keep up. In the summer time that is not too hard, but in the winter it is very tricky as the water in the tub loses its heat a lot faster.

At least we have a tub! A lot of the little RV’s only have a shower…or half of the tub they have consists of a built in seat. Ours is all tub. It is about 40 inches long…our mini-tub. That is something I definitely miss about being in a house…a full size bathtub to soak in. Hmmmm…if we stay in a house for the winter I could take soaky baths again and actually stretch out!

I am one of those people who has to chew on something for awhile. I am not a spontaneous person as Dave will readily tell you. But once my mind is made up on something I am the type who wants to do it now! I have been weighing the pros and cons of moving into a house for the winter and I have to admit that, if we can work out the logistics, the idea is becoming more and more appealing.

I know we would lose our meadow view and the privacy of our land. Yet, it appears that we would be gaining so much more. We be closer to stores and to Dave’s work. Plus, I am not sure how big it is, but I am thinking it should give us some room to be able to actually sort through some of our stuff so that we can determine what to keep, what to sell, what to give away and what to throw away. It would sure be nice to find the clothes that I have that are hiding somewhere! Yep, the idea sounds more and more appealing. We shall see what God does.

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