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Cold Bodies & Warm Friends!

November 18, 2008

Well, it has been getting colder. We have had nights below freezing, some rain, a bit of sleet and even…a little bit of snow! Just a dusting of snow here and there.

I love the snow. I love the way it covers everything with white. Although, that same beautiful white can be annoying when it is hiding something we forgot to put away! Elias loves the snow on our hillside. He loves to make a toboggan run.

I remember last year that it was not this cold this early. Could this early cold mean a harsher winter this year? It is something we have been hearing about. Apparently, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts a colder, harsher winter, which we would actually like to some degree. I really don’t mind the snow. It is the ice and mud that really bothers me.

The last three years have found us in a race against winter. All through the summer and fall we are trying to get things done to prepare for it, but winter always seems to win the race. When the cold weather hits, I never seem quite ready for it. So, it takes me some time before I can embrace it.

Once I embrace it, though, I do love it. Yes, it brings a lot more to deal with than summertime. There is a greater mess and things are more crowded as we have to bring in our heavy coats. That reminds me…I can’t find my heavy coat. Thankfully, I do have a medium coat and lighter jackets I can wear underneath to keep me warm. I also have my scarves and gloves.

There is one scarf in particular that a friend in California knitted for me. When she sent it, she wrote that she wanted it to be an ongoing hug from her when I use it. Well, it is! I still have her note in my bible. Both it and the scarf remind me of her. I have the scarf over my shoulders as I sit her typing.

I also have in my bible a bookmark that reminds me of some precious friends in Arizona. They designed it and printed it with a special message for me. I use it to mark the place in my bible where our pastor is currently teaching, so every Sunday I see it … and think of them.

There is another special note tucked within my bible. It was written to me by another woman in California who is very dear to my heart. For over three years, she helped me to walk through some real hard things. God used her in so many ways to bless me.

We have “old” dear friends far away. We have new friends here who are also becoming dear to us, in spite of the fact that this land and RV have taken just about all of our time and energy the whole time we have been here.  We are excitedly looking forward to the time when we will be able to invest more in friendships, church and community … right here where God has planted us!

God is so good! I hope that you are able to see His goodness and to experience His gift of friendships.

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