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Two Dinners & Two Blessings!

November 16, 2008

Friday night we were very privileged to go to a dinner that our state home education group put on to encourage our local home schooling group. It was a last minute thing for us. We were not going to be able to go, but when a cancellation came through they thought of us! It was a bit of a scramble, but well worth it! Our son went to stay with some friends whose parents were also going to the dinner. He had fun and we were very blessed.

It was really nice to see some of our fellow home educators again…to be able to reconnect with them. Living in such a rural area, we are very spread out. That makes getting together a bit of a challenge. We wish that we either lived closer or had an economy car, along with gas and time so that it would be easier to build and maintain friendships. At least we were able to see some of them again.

After dinner, we listened to the leaders of the state group as they shared some of the history of home education and the vision they have for home education in the future. It was very encouraging and very stengthening. We walked away with some reinforced perspectives and some ideas to apply to our family.

We also got to meet and say “thank you” to some people who were part of a group that held a garage sale on our behalf. We have just been so honored and so touched by how others are trying so hard to help us.

Last night, we went to a fund raising dinner with a silent auction. It was held to help us raise funds to try and better our living situation. We were blown away by the love we saw and felt in the room. Wow!

It was opening day of the gun portion of deer season and there was a threat of bad weather. Yet, every seat was filled and then some! We felt very honored, very humbled, very unworthy. It was definitely a success.

We are very excited and praying for wisdom about what would be best for our family. Right now, the best option seems to be to get a used mobile home onto our land. We need something that is in decent enough shape that it will not be a money pit and energy drain. We are also on the email list for foreclosures and lien siezures of mobile homes and modular homes in our area.

I know that, just from what we have seen in looking for a used single wide mobile home, there appear to be some really nice ones out there. Some are very low in price…and I do mean VERY low…although still a bit our of our range. So, we are excited and hopeful to see how God will lead us in our search.

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