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The Outside of the RV & Insulation!

November 15, 2008

OK…I don’t really have any current pictures of the outside of the RV uncovered. There is always stuff around it and on it, etc., however, I do have some pictures of it from when we were in the RV park before we moved onto our land. Here are a couple.


It is about 24′ from bumper to bumper and is a Class C. That basically means that it has a truck cab and the whole thing sits on a truck chassis. There is a bed over the cab of the truck and over most of the engine, too.


I just went outside and took a couple of pictures of the front. You still can’t really see much because it is buried in insulation sheets and building materials.The windshield has regular insulation between it and the foil covered insulation material. There is also regular insulation on top of the RV and beneath the tarp.


The tarp was put on brand new the day before Ike hit. It “survived” Ike, but also got a bit stretched out. So far, it does not appear to be leaking in the rain. Yay!


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