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A Giant Wasp & Inside the Cab Photo!

November 14, 2008

My old limping along “dinosaur” (as my middle son refers to it) of a laptop sits on some shelving that Dave made and put over the passenger seat in the cab of our RV. The laptop’s days are numbered (as are the external drive’s), but hey, so long as it keeps working I get to write and publish these posts! *smile*

The seat is rotated to face the back of the RV, although it is not really very practical to try and sit on it. I sit on another chair that faces the seat/shelving/laptop. No, it is NOT ergonomical!

If the windshield were not covered with insulation material, I would be able to see the side of the laundry room. Are you trying to picture this and thoroughly confused? Don’t worry…the layout is not even the issue here.

OK…I am having pity on you. I just took a picture of the cab area so that you can see how it is laid out. inside-cab-of-rv-20081114-007

To the left, beyond the couch, is the driver’s seat. What you see stuffed into there is what we roll out every night to make the couch somewhat comfortable to sleep on. We roll it back up in the morning and stuff it in there with our pillows.

Behind that is the cab, which has assorted stuff stored in there. The “yellowish” color you see is the insulation on the outside of the windshield.

To the right is the passenger front seat. It is turned around. You can see the shelving unit Dave made for that area. We have stuffed all kinds of blankets, towels, etc. between the seats and inside the cab to act as insulation to keep the metal of the RV from acting like a heat sink and sucking the warm air out in the Winter.

The washcloth on the arm of the couch is for when Elias has to climb up into his area, which is over the cab. That keeps the arm somewhat clean and helps to keep the fabric from wearing out too much.You can just see the bottom of his sleep area at the top of the picture. There was a decorative fabric strip on the left to match the one you see on the right, (however, we took that off to make it easier to get the bedding in and out of the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat won’t turn all the way around like the passenger seat because the steering wheel gets in the way.

The couch on the left is up against the wall on that side. The back of the chair on the right is about one foot from that wall. From wall to wall it is about 7 1/2′. From the end of the couch (which you see) to the bathroom door at the other end of the RV (which you don’t see) is about 11′. The bathroom is about the size of two and a half of the old telephone booths, if you don’t count the closet.

OK, so now you get the idea.

As I was typing, something rather large flew right in front of me between my laptop screen and me. It came from somewhere in the area behind the laptop and the printer. At first, I did not know what it was. When it landed on the window, trying to get out, we could see that it looked like a giant wasp. I did not see a stinger, but then I also did not handle it, either.

Grabbing a paper towel, which I folded many times, I dispatched the fellow. Boy was it big! I could not squish it with my hands, so I put it on the counter and used a peanut butter jar to squish it inside the paper towel. Elias said that he knew I got it because he could hear the body crunch. Ick! Thing is, he was right. I could hear it, too!

Then he asked if there was a nest up in that area. I told him I didn’t know. The area is too stuffed to be able to tell. There just may be a nest in there.

Such is life. At least, it made no attempt to go for us. It just tried to get out the window. I would have shooed it outside, however, I figured the population of wasps, or whatever it was, was large enough. *smile*

So there you have it! One less wasp, or whatever it was and this post! I wish I had taken the time to get a picture of it before grabbing it with the paper towel.

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