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Being Adopted…

November 7, 2008

I think it was about a month ago when we came home to hear this persistent meowing…LOUD meowing…coming from under our RV. At first, we thought that maybe a mama cat had its babies under there, but we could not find anything. This repeated a few times over the next few days.

There used to be a couple who lived next door and they fed an outdoor kitty. It has been at least 6 months since they moved away. Dave thinks it is the same cat, but, for whatever reason, it has not been coming around here until recently.

This cat has clearly adopted us. It stays around, meowing and running up to us. So, we started to feed it and welcomed it into the family. I have never seen a cat quite like this one. He craves being petted, even to the point of stopping his meal in order to be petted. He also loves to be brushed and will even let me brush part of his belly. He lifts his head up so that I can brush under his chin. He is amazing.

There is another cat that suddenly started to show up right after he did, a similarly colored cat, but our kitty hisses at it to make it go away. Clearly, our kitty thinks this is HIS territory!

Here are some pictures of our adopted kitty:




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