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November 3, 2008

Finding time to write has been difficult, even though it is one of my greatest joys. There has been so much to do lately.

I did finally get my blog videos re-embedded. What a process! I had to upload personal videos to youtube and then capture them with vodpod. Non-personal videos I had to relocate online and then capture them with vodpod in order to get the code to put them here. It is definitely more cumbersome than google.

However, due to a disagreement with google’s stance on some things, I have decided to stay with WordPress. Actually, there are some things I really like about WordPress. It certainly has a nicer and homier feel about it. I also believe it has more options. Either that or the options are simply more intuitive? I don’t know, but I am here to stay. I do hope they make changing fonts a bit easier, though. 🙂

I finally got more pictures out of my camera. I am going to try and grab a few minutes to get some uploaded to the blog here.

I lost my ideas for poetry writing for a bit, and then wrote two today. One of them I got up on my poetry page, but the other one isn’t even on my pc, yet.

We watched “Amazing Grace” again. Wow! Awesome movie! I am glad the library got it in for us. Some time ago, I was able to read part way through a book that went pretty indepth on Wilberforce’s life. That man accomplished many wonderful things that effected all of society. He is well worth reading about. Where are the Wilberforces of today?

My computer is limping along. In the last few days, I have had it suddenly completely lock up on me several times. I just keep praying for it to keep going. I cannot reformat it, nor can I replace it. I am grateful that it still works!

Today, I finally finished going over a book with an author friend of mine. I have been helping with proofreading a book and some very minor editing. It has been a joy. I don’t know if there will be one more read through or not before publishing. This is the second go around. Working with friends who have the same worldview as me is really nice. It has truly been a joy!

Another milestone! I may have already written about this. Even if I have, it is worth mentioning again. Elias grew about 2 -3 inches within about a month. He was just a tad shorter than me for quite a while and then, suddenly, shot up! He is now taller and is making sure that others know about it!

Well, I am going to sign off for now and see if I cannot get some pictures up!

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