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Election Quandaries!

September 30, 2008

As this election draws ever closer,the subject of who to vote for keeps coming up. Dave and I have been praying about this and asking God to show us what is best…who to vote for.

To be honest, I am not totally convinced that the election process isn’t actually rigged…that the whole idea of choice is not just an illusion in this current day. However, ever the optimist, I will take my responsibility to vote seriously anyway. Besides, rigged or not, there is one thing that overrides even that…Yahweh God is sovereign.

God is ultimately over all. There is nothing that happens that is not either caused by Him or allowed by Him. I have yet to see a third alternative, but I am open to one if someone has one.

It says in Scripture that God is the One who puts rulers in their place. So then, why vote? Well, I vote because scripture also shows time and again where God partners with humans to bring His plans about. So, perhaps He is asking me to stand in faith and partner with Him to bring a good ruler in. Or, perhaps He will put a bad one in regardless in order to get people’s attention. There are plenty of examples of His doing that in the bible.

So, it comes back down to…who do I vote for? Dave and I have been thinking through that and struggling with that for quite awhile. How does one decide? We can use man’s logic and reasoning. We can use God’s word to guide us. Personally, I see God’s word as the ultimate authority, especially when man’s logic can go in different directions.

For instance, regarding man’s logic, I keep hearing the argument that a vote for anyone other than McCain (even if it is Alan Keyes) is really a vote for Obama. Is that true? Well, sticking to human logic…not necessarily so. I read an article by someone who layed out the numbers of what is needed to get a candidate elected when you have three running. I was surprised to see how little it actually took…numbers wise. He or she does not need a majority to win…only more than each of the other two. This person pointed out other things, too…using human logic.

Lincoln was voted in on a third party. So, it is possible…according to human logic. Keyes, although still not as widely known as the other two, is more known now than ever before. The media shuts him out, yet, in spite of that, there is a growing awareness of his presence. (This is not addressing the God factor, yet.)

I have had people give me reasons why they are voting for McCain. I have to admit that they have given us food for thought…and for prayer. However, after I read things like what Rick Santorum had to say about McCain in the following articles, it still seems to just boil down to the lesser of two evils.

Santorum: McCain Presidency Very Dangerous

Santorum Alleges Sen. McCain Unreliable on Pro-Life Issues

McCain is not nearly as prolife as some would like to believe. In addition to that, he is pro-Democrat…even to the extent that he has recently said he will put Democrats in Cabinet positions. People are still voting out of fear that Obama will get in…not out of any real support for McCain.

So, we basically have a man who fought against getting some much needed prolife and profamily legislation onto the floor of the Senate and we have a man who is willing to federally fund embryonic stem cell research. For those who are counting on him to put in judges to help overturn Roe v Wade…read the articles.

As Dave and I keep praying about this and researching as best we can and observing, I will continue to put some of our observations out here. We don’t judge anyone as to how they should vote. That is between them and God. We just encourage people to pray with open hearts and minds. Just maybe, God wants to do something so miraculous…so clearly of Him…and we will miss it because we are locked into human logic and thinking and into fear of Obama.

From our little RV on the hillside, regardless of what your political stance is, I pray that you are diligently doing the research and making sure that your candidate really does stand for what you believe. I also pray that you are earnestly asking God to show you the truth with a heart that is open to the miraculous and to faithful obedience, even if it flies in the face of human reason and logic. More on that subject later.

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