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An Orphanage in Ethiopia!

September 6, 2008

There are a lot of orphans in Ethiopia. I know this group that is trying to help build an orphanage there. Here is what I got from their site.

I hope that others will see this and support them in some way…sponsor a child…give a one time gift. Help this group to build this much needed orphanage!

We Support Hope for the Hopeless:
Hope For The Hopeless is a non-profit organization that is managed both in the United States and in Ethiopia, Africa. It has been in operation since the year 2000 and has already helped hundreds of children in Ethiopia to: find stable homes, receive medical care, have access to clean water and eat and be clothed, and learn about Jesus Christ. We are currently accepting donations of scrap metal items and anything you no longer need. For example, old refrigerators, stoves, metal, and autos running or not will all help these children.

Learn how you can sponsor a child

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“Hope for the Hopeless” is committed to young street children who have lost their parents and families because of the war or starvation in Africa.

Some of the children have family; but they are unable to feed, clothe or provide them shelter. Through donations of scrap metal we meet the needs of children, through a variety of ways, such as: Children’s Hope School, the orphanage feeding program and cleaning. Your old car (regardless of condition), HVAC, bicycle or other scrap metal can make a lasting difference in even the worst situation.

The Problem of Street Children
These boys and girls are the most vulnerable of children in the country. They are victims of everybody both from one another and the general public. They are targets of physical and sexual abuse. They are difficult to identify. They are slow to trust.

What Can I Do?
You can become a “Hope for the Hopeless” sponsor for only $20.00 a month or about 67 cents a day. You can provide for the basic needs of your child through a variety of ways…food, school, medical care, clothing, and shelter. One person can change the life of one hopeless child.

You Give and You Receive
As a sponsor you will come to know your children personally and the children will know you personally. They will write to you and you can write to them. When you decide to become a sponsor of one of these needy youngsters, you will receive a picture of your sponsored child.

Why the need?
“Hope for the Hopeless” address the most crucial problem in Africa…Stray children who have become victims of sexual abuse. Many of the girls are having children without the knowledge of caring for them properly. These girls and their children are growing up in an unhealthy environment and the problems will be even more disastrous if it continues.

What Your Sponsorship Means to Hopeless Children…
Children starve one at a time, but you can feed and clothe, educate, and love one at a time. All it takes is one loving person like you.

1. Meals

2. Medical care and preventive health instruction along with a clean water well

3. High quality education

Lastly, no one else can do your part. One hopeless child is waiting for your help!

Contact us at 623-810-7264
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