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Home Schooling in an RV

September 5, 2008

Home schooling in an RV is very challenging.

There are things I really miss that would really help a lot. Like a for real kitchen table, for example. We have a tiny little drop down leaf table that is never totally cleared. Dave keeps his laptop on it, which is a bit difficult to move. It is not just a matter of closing it and using the top surface because there are other things that go on top of that.

Even if it was totally empty, it is so tiny that you cannot really spread anything out. I so miss having that room to spread things out…like my bibles, or the work I am trying to correct. Elias usually uses a lappad to write on. I am sure that helps his penmanship…not! We have some plastic bins with some loose stuff in them that we have to keep moving around to be able to use the couch, table, etc. Somehow, I just cannot keep all the loose stuff in them, either.

There is not really any room to store much in the way of curriculum. No matter how hard I try, there is alway stuff all around in here, getting in the way. It feels rather crammed. I don’t know about my son, but it is harder for me to think and concentrate when I feel surrounded by things. There just is no real “open” space for us. We have an 11′ x 7 1/2′ common living space…and that also contains the couch, table, cupboards, refrigerator, etc. It is not like is an open room.

Yep…there are days when I want to go “ACKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” Most of the time, though, Yahweh God helps me to keep looking at the up side. Things like…we have more than over 80-85% of the world’s population. I try to focus on that…and not on the inverse…which is that we probably have less than 95% of the people in this country. Actually, someone who was over here recently told me that my estimate is probably too low. It is probably more like less than 99+% of the country.

So, whether home schooling, or just doing life in general, I really have to keep my focus on God and on what is most important in life. We are, overall, fairly healthy, although my PTSD, coupled with the living situation is taking its toll on my body. We have lots of room for our son to run around in…outside! We have a beautiful view out of our window. It does help to keep a positive attitude!

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