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Dave Hit a Deer!

September 5, 2008

On our way home from Bible study Wednesday night, Dave hit a buck…on his motorcycle! He was following behind Elias and I. I usually take the van and meet him at the church since I am usually in town on that day anyway. That also saves him from having to come all the way home first after work.

When it came time to turn off the highway, I noticed that he was no longer behind me. I slowed down a bit while looking for his headlight, but did not see it. I thought about turning around, but I figured he was probably just enjoying a slower ride home. Still, I was a bit nervous, so I kept listening for him when we got home.

Well, he showed up shortly afterward and told me he had hit a deer. The deer ran right out in front of him. He knew better than to try and swerve since that is usually what causes accidents. So, he just hit the brakes and kept it going straight. His tire hit the deer in the back leg and broke it pretty badly.

The only damage it did to the motorcycle was to bend the fender slightly into the tire. He bent it back out and says that you cannot even tell it was bent.

There was a couple behind him who saw the whole thing. They stopped to see if he was OK. Both of them said they thought for sure he was going to go down and get hurt really badly. Dave is fine, though. He says he must have had some burly angels riding with him that helped to deflect the deer.

He called 911 to let them know about it and went back to meet with them and try and find the deer. It had managed to wander off, though, into some heavy brush. Poor thing. It would have been better if they could have found it and put it out of its misery.

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