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Robber Fly Closeups!

August 30, 2008

OK…I am editing in here that I had to change the name of this post. I thought these were horseflies. They are not…they are robber flies!

I was outside the other day and heard this loud buzzing. These guys were the source. At the time, I did not know what they were, but I had my suspicions.

One was staying on the rail while the other one would look like it was trying to fly away. Then it would come to land, too. Next thing we knew, it was in the air again. I could not get pictures of it in the air, but I did get pictures of them linked together on the rail.

Then I captured them in a plastic bag.
At that point, they separated. I tried to take pictures of them in the bag, but the camera kept wanting to focus on the bag.

So, I have one fuzzy picture of the female.

For some reason, I was able to get it to focus on the male…once.

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