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A New Business!

August 17, 2008

I have taken the step of registering at a business site online. I am hoping to be able to get some jobs proofreading and editing. Since bad grammar and misspelling always leap out at me when I read things, it is something that comes pretty naturally. I am sure that having a love of the English language and of writing does not hurt, either!

Right now, I am finishing proofreading a book by some pastor friends of mine. I have also been helping to edit it a bit. It is my gift back to Yahweh God in thanks to Him. I love doing it and am hoping that I can start doing it for hire. It would be a nice way to earn some gas money. *laughing* Who doesn’t need extra money for gas these days??

I was also blessed with a couple of transcription jobs recently. The timing was perfect…as our Abba’s timing always is! Although I can do it, transcribing an audio into a written copy would definitely not be my first choice of work…but I can do a good job of it. It was very interesting to do, but my first love is really proofreading and editing. That comes right after writing, but making money at writing…well, that is a different thing entirely to me.

BTW…the book is fantastic. It is called No Slaves in His Kingdom: Recovering From What Life Throws at You. I have been so blessed by reading it. Hopefully, it will be out within a month or two. Editing in that it is being modified and re-released. Look for it at Amazon.

There is another book they had already written when we met called
The Power of Brokenness: The Language of Healing
. It is available at Power of Brokenness and here at this link: Amazon.

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