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A Bold Mouse & Untimely Demises!

August 17, 2008

Last week, we were visited by a very bold mouse! It ran across Dave’s feet while he was in the bathroom. Later, while he was sitting at his computer in our “living room”, he looked down and saw a mouse (presumably the same one) sitting there grooming…bold as can be! As soon as he moved, the mouse ran toward me and the front of the RV. I missed out on seeing it and, no, I don’t have a picture!

Well, I believe it was the next day that Dave saw a mouse outside the RV right by the laundry room. The laundry room faces the front of the RV. So, we wondered if it was the same mouse. If it was, it met its demise for Dave stepped on it. 😛

We have mouse traps beneath the bottom drawers in our “kitchen”. I try to remember to check them…but I forgot. Yesterday, we started to notice this awful smell. I did a trap check and, sure enough, we had caught another one of those critters.

We don’t know which of those mice was the bold one. It is possible that it was neither..or even both! Such is the life of RV living on the land. We keep those traps set and baited!

From our little RV on the hillside to you in your home…I sure hope you don’t have any regular furry little visitors like we do!

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