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Our Oven is Fixed!

July 24, 2008

Yay!!! Our warranty on the microwave/convection oven said that we had to bring it in to a service place or pay for someone to come out. So, I called to find out the location of the closest place, dreading how far away it probably is and the gas involved. The gentleman told me that we had in home coverage. I challenged him on it and he double checked. Yep, they would send someone out…for free!

Well, I thought, OK…but we will see. I was just waiting to see if the technician would tell me I owed for the visit. I just found it hard to believe that the warranty is different than is what is stated in our booklet.

Today, the technician came out and fixed it. We now have our microwave/convection oven back and we do not owe anything. I even mentioned my surprise to the technician about the visit being covered. Woohoo!!

The first thing our son did was ask to make biscuits. Pop’ems! I told him he could. Yippee!!

Can you tell that I am HAPPY about this??? *laughing*

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