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Ant Feast & Sticky Feet!

July 16, 2008

There are some things that, to me, are just dumb ideas. Carpeting in a cooking area and/or bathroom is one of them. What is worse is carpeting in an RV cooking area or bathroom. Our carpeting has been a bane for me. Grrrr!

Personally, I think carpeting in an RV at all is just not too smart. I guess if you have one of those really big ones and lots of space to get the dirt off before you step into the carpet it is not too bad. However, in a tiny one like we have??? Nope!! Dumb idea!!

I mean…think about it…really! What is a little RV for??? Camping!!! What do you do when you are camping?? Get out in the dirt!! We are basically “camping” on our land. Trying to keep the carpet clean is a joke. Ever try to vacuum a small space with a full size vacuum? I have tried the little ones. They are even more work and do not pick up very well.

But it gets worse! Tonight I was filling a honey container and accidently dropped it. Yep…there is carpet in the cooking area aka kitchen. So, now we have some honey soaked in. I wiped it up as best I could, but hey, it is not like wiping up a floor. I could not get it all out. Great! Just what we need…an ant feast and sticky feet!

I guess honey in carpet is kind of like having a bad attitude. If you don’t completely clean up the honey, you get sticky feet…and maybe some pesky ants or other critters you don’t want. If you don’t completely rid yourself of a bad attitude, it will keep sticking to you and bring unpleasant results.

Well, tomorrow I will have to wet the carpet a bit and try and draw out the honey. What fun! Not! But such is life at times. There are up times and down times. You know that they say: It does no good to cry over spilled milk…or in this case…spilled honey!

From our sticky little RV on the hillside to you in your home, I hope that your attitudes are good ones and that your carpet is not sticky! *smile*

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