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A Rabbit & Closed Hearts!

July 1, 2008

We see rabbits on our property. Catching them in a picture, however, is pretty hard to do as they run away so quickly. The other day, we got out of the van and Dave spotted one. We slowly crept up on it and managed to get some pictures.

In this first one you see the overall scene. The rabbit is sitting in the brush at the far end of the black culvert pipe and slightly to the right of it.


I took the rest of the pictures and cropped them so that you can see the rabbit close up. Most were blurry, but here a couple that weren’t too bad.



This was as close as we could get before it took off lickety split! That rabbit did not understand that we meant it no harm.

I wonder if we sometimes miss the fact that God, too, means us no harm. How many of us have been raised with a warped view of who God really is and what His true nature is.

How close do we let Yahweh God get to us before we run off lickety split? Do we allow Him to come close to our hearts? Or do we run away, just like that rabbit?

I have to think about my own life. How close do I really allow God to get to me? I know that He is there and can come as close as He wants. However, I also know that He will not force Himself upon me.

It says in Revelation that Yeshua/Jesus is knocking on the door of our hearts. It is talking about believers…about the children of God. It is not talking about those who do not know Him. How many times has He knocked on the door of my heart and I ran from Him? Or I kept the door locked tight?

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