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Seeking Answers & Making Decisions

June 14, 2008

There is a wild beauty about this land…a beauty that draws us. Most everywhere we look, we see greenery or wildlife of some kind. Whether it is the bugs and mice that like to come inside the RV (we really need to bomb the inside)…or the butterflies, birds and wild critters that live outside.

We have been praying for some time about how to handle our living situation. We don’t have the resources to do the things that would really make it more livable. Neither can we afford to rent some place. Rising gas prices are making things even tighter.

Dave wants to be able to have some time to just have fun with our son without having all the things that need to be done hanging over his head. We would like to be able to take the time to socialize with others…that is, if we can afford the gas to get there!

Life seldom seems to turn out the way we think it will. We are facing the loss of some dreams. We cannot really afford to stay here on the land, if staying means improving our living situation. Neither can we really afford to leave. We are in the perfect position for a miracle.

Dave is actually looking for work elsewhere…focusing on going back to California where we have family and friends. We are setting up a savings account to use for just trying to save what we would need to move back there. However, with rising gas prices and our income, it will take a miracle.

Nonetheless, as they talked about in the movie “Facing the Giants”, we are “preparing for rain”. What that means is that we are preparing for God to do a miracle. We are trying to get rid of absolutely everything we can. Sell what is saleable, throwing away what is ruined, giving away the rest. We have no idea what God will do. We are trusting that, if He gives Dave a job elsewhere, He will somehow enable us to relocate, even if it means we bring very little with us.

Or, if for some reason He wants us to stay here, then He will enable to continue to live with very little. Either way, we need to get rid of just about everything we have. Such is life.

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  1. RunningFree permalink
    June 16, 2008 4:24 PM

    We are hoping that you guys will be able to come back to California as well so that we are closer for visits. =)

  2. Abigail permalink
    June 16, 2008 9:00 PM

    It would definitely be nice to be able to visit! 🙂

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